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 annyeonghaseyo... everyone...nice to meet you all *-*

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PostSubject: annyeonghaseyo... everyone...nice to meet you all *-*   Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:33 pm

Hello everyone hi!!! my name is Michelle/Michiko im 19 years old from Germany.

I really like Asia..Ulzzang...Gyaru...K-Pop....and all the other things in Asia.

Next year im going to study Tourism-management.

Because I like Ulzzang and Gyaru I try to mix these to styles ;).

My hobbies are sport...dancing...music...friends and family..drawing...dramas and animes...and cooking... .

I hope to meet many other Asia and Ulzzang fans so dont be shy to contact me

see you guys ♥️ happy

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annyeonghaseyo... everyone...nice to meet you all *-*
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